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Song of Caryn

Caryn in Color

This is the trill of a thousand clear cornets and scream of

the octave flute and strike of triangles

I play not a march for victors only…I play great marches

For conquered and slain persons.

I sound triumphal drums for the dead…I fling through

my embouchures the loudest and gayest music to them,

Vivas to those who have failed, and to those whose war vessels

sank in the sea, and those themselves who sand in the sea,

And to all generals that lost engagements, and all overcome

heroes, and the numberless unknown heroes equal to

the greatest heroes known.

whitman frontispieceIn his frontispiece, Whitman has a nonchalant, inviting expression. A hand on the hip usually implies a matter-a-fact attitude, almost childlike. Whitman projects an air of casualness with his top button opened and his tipped hat.

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